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Minimum Order Quantity:2tons

according to detailsUSD/MT FOB Xingang


Calcined Anthracite Coal(CAC):


Chemical Composition



Unit FOB


BrandMg (%min)Fe (%max)Si (%max)Ni(%max)Cu(%max)AI(%max)Mn(%max) 
Unit FOB Xingang, China price(USD/MT)

product characteristics:


CAC: Calcined Anthracite Coal

Using anthracite as raw material, after 1300ºC dry distillation and calcination. Then reduce sulfur content, reduce volatile

matter, and achieve the effect of increasing the carbon content of calcined anthracite coal.

CPC: Calcined Petroleum Coal

The raw material of Calcined petroleum coke is raw coke. Because of the high content of impurities in raw coke, it will contain a lot of impurities in liquid steel directly. Petroleum coke by 1200-1400ºC high-temperature calcination removes most of the water and volatile impurities. Carbon content is up to 98.5%. Calcined coke is an irregularly shaped carbon particle with metallic luster and more transparent carbon particle pores. The high quality of calcined petroleum coke mainly depends on the low sulfur content, which will eventually affect the quality of steel. If the sulfur content in calcined petroleum coke is too high, the produced steel will contain a lot of bubbles, which will affect the quality of steel. Calcined petroleum coke is the most suitable carbon raiser for steelmaking.

GPC: Graphite Petroleum Coal

The raw material of graphite carbon additive is also coke, but the calcination temperature ratio is 3000, the carbon fixation

degree is high, and Sulfur and phosphorus content is much lower than coal. Graphite petroleum coke is mainly used in nodular cast iron, with fast absorption, high carbon, and low sulfur characteristics. Graphitized petroleum coke is used in the production of high-quality steel, cast iron, and alloys. High-purity graphite petroleum coke is made from high-quality coke at temperatures of 2,500-3,500ºC. As a high purity carbon material, it has the characteristics of high fixed carbon content, low sulfur, low ash content, and high recovery rate

Using methods:

Adjust carbon points,put into the centrai lower part of furnace with metal materials,the yield car reach 90%-95%;

Acust the carbon after the molten steel meit, put it on the surface of moiten steel. finally,the rate is about 66% by riten steel’ s swirt stirring or artificial mixing.

Advantages of carburizers:

High fixed carbon, high absorption rate

Low-sulfur and low-nitrogen, and the absorption speed is faster than similar graphitized recarburizers, and it does not adsorb to the furnace wall and absorbs completely without residue. The price is lower than similar low-sulfur products, and the price is high.

1 The absorption rate is high, and the absorption rate can reach more than 90% or even higher according to the application method.

2 The absorption speed is fast, which is faster than that of similar graphitized recarburizers. It does not adsorb to the furnace wall and has no residue, and the absorption speed of recarburization in the furnace is more obvious.

3 Low sulfur content, below 0.05%, or even lower, low nitrogen content, below 300PPM.

4 Super high cost performance is very competitive in price among similar products.

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