Is industrial silicon a metal?

Is industrial silicon a metal?

Yes, it is.

Industrial silicon, also known as metallic silicon or crystalline silicon, is an important member of the non-ferrous metal family, and is the fifth largest non-ferrous metal in terms of output. It is made of quartz and coke in the electric furnace smelting products, the main component of silicon content is about 98%, the remaining impurities are iron, aluminum, calcium and so on.

Industrial silicon in the solid state is dark gray, hard and brittle, electrical conductivity between metal and non-metal, can be used to make semiconductors, is the photovoltaic industry in the production of solar panels, microelectronics industry  silicon wafer production important raw materials. Therefore, industrial silicon has some characteristics of both metal and non-metal, and is often referred to as semi-metal, that is, semiconductor properties.

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