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Magnesium ingots

Minimum Order Quantity:2tons

2850USD/MT FOB Xingang



                                                                    Chemical Composition

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Mg (%min)

Fe (%max)

Si (%max)Ni(%max)Cu(%max)AI(%max)Mn(%max) 

Magnesium ingots are a new type of lightweight and corrosion-resistant metal material developed in the 20th century, mainly used in four major fields: magnesium alloy production, aluminum alloy production, steelmaking desulfurization, and aviation and military industry.

The Wide Use of Magnesium Ingots

1. Production of light metal alloys

Due to its low density, high strength, good corrosion resistance, and ease of processing and forming, magnesium is an ideal raw material for preparing lightweight and high-strength alloys. Additives for aluminum alloys, copper alloys, and production in the electronics industry all require the use of magnesium ingots.

2. Fluxes and reducing agents

Magnesium ingots are commonly used as fluxes in the casting industry, which can achieve a uniform structure on the surface of castings and improve product quality. Meanwhile, due to the strong reducibility of magnesium, magnesium ingots are also widely used as reducing agents, such as in processes such as steelmaking and ironmaking.

3. Vehicle and aviation sectors

Magnesium alloy is widely used in the production of automotive and aircraft components, such as engine cylinder heads, gearboxes, transmissions, etc., due to its high strength, good durability, and light weight. In addition, components such as remote control systems, oil pumps, and air washers used in large fighter jets and transport aircraft can also be made of magnesium alloy.

4. Medical industry

In medicine, magnesium is often used to prepare low-density and high-strength orthopedic implants, dental implants and other medical devices, with good biocompatibility and biodegradability.

In summary, magnesium ingots, as an important material, are widely used in various fields. Its excellent properties provide new possibilities for many manufacturing industries, while also greatly promoting innovation and progress in these industries.

1. Raw materials for extracting magnesium ingots

The main raw material for preparing magnesium ingots is magnesium ore. At present, the commonly used magnesium ores mainly include magnesite and sphalerite. Magnesite is one of the most commonly used magnesium ores, mainly distributed in Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and other regions of China, and also mined in other countries around the world.

2. The extraction process of magnesium ingots

 Ore beneficiation: The ore collected by miners is subjected to primary and rough selection to remove impurities and extract magnesium ore.

 Mineral heat treatment: The extracted ore is subjected to heat treatment in a furnace. In the furnace, the ore reacts with reducing agents such as sodium polycarbonate to release gases such as CO and C2O2, reducing magnesium oxide in the ore to metallic magnesium.

 Electrolytic reduction: Put heat-treated magnesium ore into an electrolytic cell, extract magnesium by electrolysis, and solidify metallic magnesium into ingots.

3.Preparation method of magnesium ingots

 Vacuum melting method: Metal magnesium and magnesium oxide are mixed in a certain proportion and melted under vacuum conditions. The deficient magnesium oxide is removed from the surface of the melt through gravity separation and solidified into magnesium ingots under vacuum conditions.

Anode method: Melted magnesium metal is heated on the anode, and under reaction conditions, an oxide layer is formed through oxidation reaction. The oxide layer is gradually deposited downwards by the current on the anode, and after power outage, the oxide layer is separated from the anode to obtain magnesium metal.

4.Precautions for preparing magnesium ingots

During the preparation of magnesium ingots, attention should be paid to safety to avoid explosions of gas and metal particles.

In the process of extracting magnesium ingots, it is necessary to strictly comply with environmental regulations and do a good job in treating waste gas and wastewater.

During the electrolysis process, attention must be paid to the quality of the electrolytic cell and electrodes to ensure production stability and efficiency.

The above is a detailed introduction to the extraction methods of magnesium ingots. Preparation of magnesium ingots requires attention to safety and environmental regulations. Only through strict manufacturing processes and compliance with relevant regulations can high-quality magnesium ingots be produced.

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