Chinese industrial silicon spot quote market

Chinese industrial silicon spot quote market

Today, the overall price of industrial silicon spot is still strong, there are individual manufacturers in a narrow margin of profit shipments, downstream purchasing has not improved, the overall market to maintain just need to buy. On the supply side, the quotations of silicon producing enterprises in Inner Mongolia, Yunnan, Shanxi, Shandong and Ningxia regions are stable, but under the weak market, the enthusiasm of enterprises is not high, and the resumption of production in Yunnan producing areas is expected to begin next month, and the current enterprises are mainly to deliver long orders.

The current quotation of recycled silicon has no significant fluctuations, but the force of the father shows that the profit margin of the price of silicon mud is narrowed, and the willingness of enterprises to reduce the quotation is not strong. In terms of demand, the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, traders inquire about the single return temperature, but the real single purchase is less to find goods at low prices, and the current business this week, the price is not strong, and the transaction is relatively difficult, although there is a demand for replenish downstream before the festival, but still need to wait for market verification. Today, polysilicon prices are temporarily stable, and the current inventory of silicon manufacturers is slightly digested, but in the case of serious losses in silicon wafer links, manufacturers are not willing to replenish inventories, and silicon prices are under pressure.

In general, the two days of industrial silicon futures trend has returned to fundamentals, but the exchange capital trading is active, the spot end is flat, market trading continues to be thin, the wet period is approaching Sichuan area, the overall industrial silicon supply to maintain the increase, the future still need to pay attention to the change in construction, the recovery of terminal demand, policy release, etc. The futures market is driven by macro news and funds, and the price fluctuations are obvi

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