Other Trace Elements in Silicon Metals

Other Trace Elements in Silicon Metals

Industrial silicon is divided into 8 grades according to the national standard (GBT2881-2014). The grades are expressed in the form of a combination of the silicon element symbol and a 4-digit number. Metalloid silicon can be divided into 5530#, 5210#, 4410#, 4210#, 4110#, 3303#, 2202#, 1101# and other different brands. Among them, Si4210 has the largest demand, and Si5530 is more widely used.

And 97 Silicon is a grade that emerged based on the actual needs of transactions.

The 4 numbers respectively represent the maximum content requirements of the main impurity elements iron, aluminum, and calcium in the product. The iron content and aluminum content are taken to one digit after the decimal point, and the calcium content is taken to two digits after the decimal point. (For example, 4210# industrial silicon refers to iron content <=0.4%, aluminum content <=0.2%, and calcium content <=0.1%.)

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