Properties of silicon on steelmaking

Properties of silicon on steelmaking

Ferroalloy products contain a certain amount of silicon element, silicon element plays an important role in steelmaking, in steelmaking are required to deoxidize molten steel, silicon element and oxygen have good affinity easy to produce silicon dioxide can achieve the purpose of deoxidization. The common ferroalloy products containing silicon elements are ferrosilicon, silicon metal, barium silicon, silicon carbon alloy, silicon carbide and other silicon-containing products with good deoxidation effect

In the process of steelmaking, add silicon as a reducing agent and deoxidizer, so steel contains 0.15% to 0.30% of silicon, if the amount of silicon in the steel exceeds 50% to 0.60%, silicon is even ferroalloy element, silicon element can improve the elasticity of steel, yield point and tensile strength, so widely used as spring steel.

In the tempered structural steel to add 1.0% to 1.2% of silicon, the strength can be increased by 15% to 20%, silicon and molybdenum, tungsten, chromium and other combination, has the use of improving corrosion resistance, can produce heat-resistant steel, silicon containing 1% to 4% of low carbon steel, with extremely high permeability, for the electrical industry to do silicon steel sheet, silicon increase, will reduce the welding performance of steel.

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