Silicon Metal Production Process

Silicon Metal Production Process

The production of silicon metal is made by carbothermal method, which means that silica and carbonaceous reducing agent are smelted in the ore furnace. The purity of the silicon produced in this way is 97% to 98%, and such silicon can generally be used in metallurgical purposes. If you want to get a higher grade of silicon, you need to refine it to remove impurities, and get a purity of 99.7% to 99.8% of metallic silicon.

Smelting metal silicon with quartz sand as raw material includes several steps of quartz sand block making, charge preparation and ore furnace smelting.

In general, high-quality quartz sand will be directly used in the production of high-grade quartz glass products, and even processed into gem grade such as crystal, tourmaline and other products. The grade is slightly worse, but the reserves are larger, the mining conditions are slightly better, and the surrounding electricity is cheaper, which is suitable for the production of metal silicon.

At present, China’s production of metal silicon carbon thermal production process: the general use of silica as raw materials, petroleum coke, charcoal, wood chips, low ash coal and other reducing agents, in the ore thermal furnace high temperature smelting, reducing metal silicon from silica, which is a slag free submerged arc high temperature melting process.

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