What is recycled silicone rubber?

What is recycled silicone rubber?

Since silicone rubber has been widely used in people’s life and production, and silicone rubber is more expensive, the product is excellent and has many excellent characteristics, so recycled silicone rubber also came into being, recycled silicone rubber through scientific and technological means to recycle waste silicone rubber recycling technology, such recycling can well reduce the company’s production costs, save raw materials. Now it has been applied to many manufacturers engaged in the production of silicone rubber products.
Process of recycled silicone rubber:
The main process of recycled silicone rubber includes selecting old materials to remove impurities from the product, then selecting and classifying the product, and finally cutting and cracking.
Recycled silicone rubber note:
First, the production of recycled silicone rubber should pay attention to the change in temperature, should be to control the temperature slowly increase, so as to prevent the silicone rubber particles due to rapid changes in temperature and burst;
Second, recycled silicone rubber generally needs to remove the fine particles inside the silicone rubber, so that the colloidal particles of recycled silicone rubber can be uniform and the quality of recycled silicone rubber can be improved;
Third, the temperature is too high will cause the change of silicone rubber pore structure and significantly reduce its adsorption effect, affecting the use value. For blue rubber indicator or color-changing silica gel, the temperature of desorption regeneration should not exceed 120 ° C, otherwise it will lose the color effect due to the gradual oxidation of the color developer.
Disadvantages of recycled silicone rubber:
Compared with the non-recycled silicone rubber material, the elasticity, extensibility and tearing strength of the recycled silicone rubber are insufficient, and the hardness of the recycled silicone rubber is also relatively large, and small deformation will be found after a long time.

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