Why recycle silicon resources?

Why recycle silicon resources?

Silicon resources in nature are very rich, with the increasing application of silicon materials in recent years, the recovery of silicon resources has gradually been paid attention to. First, recycling materials containing silicon can save resources;

Secondly, the recycled waste containing silicon is extracted again, and the extracted silicon is used for production and processing, which can save production costs for enterprises. 

Third, it can also promote the silicon recycling and recycling industry to form a more complete system, so as to develop into a more mature silicon recycling industry. In addition, the recycling of silicon-containing waste materials can also improve the environment and reduce waste storage, landfill, transportation and other costs.

At present, from a global point of view, the recycling of silicon resources is still limited to individual enterprises in each country to operate on their own, and there is no complete and mature silicon recycling industry chain.
The silicon-containing waste recycled on the market mainly includes: waste silicon wafers, silicone rubber, solar cells and other silicon-containing waste.

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