Why silicon metals are most suitable for chips?

Why silicon metals are most suitable for chips?

In theory, all semiconductors can be used as chip materials, but why silicon materials are most suitable for chips, the main reasons are as follows:

1.Rich raw materials. According to the earth’s element content ranking, in order: oxygen > silicon > aluminum > Iron > Calcium > Sodium > potassium…… It can be seen that silicon ranks second, the content is huge, which also makes the chip have almost inexhaustible raw materials.

2. The chemical and material properties of silicon are very stable, the earliest transistor is actually made of semiconductor material germanium, but because the temperature exceeds 75℃, the conductivity will change greatly, and the reverse leakage current of germanium after PN junction is larger than silicon, so the silicon element is more suitable as the chip material.

3.Silicon purification technology is mature, low cost, today’s silicon purification can reach 99.999999999%.

4.The silicon material itself is non-toxic and harmless, which is one of the important reasons why it is selected as a manufacturing material for chips.

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  Chips are widely used in our daily life, and different kinds of chips play different roles. The chip is like the human brain, receiving information, issuing instructions, and controlling human behavior, if the CPU is compared to the brain of the entire computer system, then the chipset composed of the CPU and other chips constitutes the torso of the entire body, and for the computer, the chipset almost determines the function of the entire system. Not only smart products such as mobile phones and computers contain chips, it can be said that as long as it involves some more complex functions, the chip will be used. For example, there is an audio chip in the radio, an electromagnetic chip in the induction cooker microwave oven, an LED management chip in the light, a control chip in the washing machine, and even the battery car has a chip called power control, which can be said that all aspects of our clothing, food, housing and transportation have chip figures. The existence of the chip makes our life more convenient and beautiful, and at the same time, in the information age, the high efficiency of the chip promotes the continuous progress of science and technology.

  Chip in our lives like a shadow, it is this small but extremely important device, so that people’s lives become more and more intelligent. It is believed that with the progress and development of chip technology, all areas of people’s lives will be closely related to chips in the future, and will certainly be more wonderful. It can be seen that although many people do not understand silicon materials, its role and value in people’s lives are beyond your imagination.

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